Mobile Clinic

How our Mobile Clinic Works

Scheduled well in advance with your school, typically several weeks before the Clinic RV arrives, our class visit staff will visit each classroom in your school to give a brief introduction, oral health instruction and to leave both the consent forms and toothbrushes with the teacher. Every child in your school will receive a toothbrush. Classroom visits typically take about 3 minutes per class and with several Grinovations’ staff members participating, most schools are completed within an hour. A Grinovations employee will return in about a week to pick up completed consent forms.

Several weeks later the clinic RV will arrive (once again prescheduled in advance with your staff) and will stay until every child returning positive consent is seen.

Each participating child will receive an evaluation form in his/her goody bag listing all services performed in addition to the findings from our oral assessment.

All children needing restorative services will also take referral paperwork home listing the teeth having problems, the urgency and a list of local dentists willing to provide treatment. A follow up phone call by a Grinovations staff member will be made to the parents of each child referred to ensure the referral paperwork made it home, they understand the nature of the referral, the urgency and to offer help in connecting with a local dentist.

Several weeks after the completion of our services, the school nurse will receive a “Stats Pack” consisting of the statistics gathered during our stay at your school including numbers of children seen, sealants placed, fluoride varnish applications and children referred. Also included is a complete referral list including the names, grades, teeth involved and the urgency of each child referred for restorative services. All children deemed needing urgent care are highlighted in red for easy follow up.

After Spring Break, Grinovations will contact your school for a return or follow-up visit to check sealant retention (Grinovations’ sealants are guaranteed through High School) and to check if restorative work has been completed.