Program Accountability

State Accountability

  1. Grinovations is a school based preventive dental program operating under the authority of RCW (The Revised Code of Washington) 18.29.056 in conjunction with SB (Senate Bill) 6020 passed in 2001 and SHB (Substitute House Bill) 1298 passed in 2007.
  2. Grinovations is required to follow the American Dental Association (ADA) guidelines on sealant placement, as well as The Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines on sealant placement and fluoride varnish recommendations all summed up in The Washington State Dental Sealant and Fluoride Varnish Program Guidelines.
  3. Grinovations not only works in conjunction with but reports directly to The Washington State Department of Health (DOH), The Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and Washington State Public Health Department (both at the local and state levels)
  4. Grinovations is trained yearly and held accountable to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Guidelines (OSHA) as well as Washington State Health And Safety Guidelines (WISHA).
  5. Each of Grinovations hygienists is licensed in the state of Washington, has received training and is endorsed by Washington State to practice in a school setting.  All Grinovations dental assistants are registered with the Washington State Board of Health.

Professional Accountability

  1. Grinovations completes background checks on all school based program employees on an annual basis (available upon request)
  2. Grinovations has all necessary insurances including L&I, Liability, malpractice and vehicle insurance. (available upon request)
  3. Grinovations’ parent company Oral Health & Preventive Services is a Washington based LLC, licensed and operating in the state of Washington.