Dental Services

Our Grinovations Mobile RV Clinic

At no cost to schools or counties, Grinovations is providing preventive dental services in over 100 Washington State schools for thousands of school children annually. With services being provided exclusively by the “Preventive Experts” in the field, Registered Dental Hygienists, all services are evidenced based and have been proven to make a difference.

Every child in Washington State is important to us! Therefore, not only the children that sign up for our program, but every child in each school we work in receives a toothbrush and oral hygiene instruction. Each child returning a positive consent form, regardless of ability to pay, will receive preventive services including any or all of the following: oral assessment, cleaning, fluoride, sealants and if necessary, referral services for restorative needs.

Working with school staff and class schedules, Grinovations honors and will not interrupt sacred academic times such as reading blocks and testing.  Children are escorted to and from class by Grinovations staff and with all services being provided conveniently in our clinic RVs, no room is needed inside the schools.

Regardless of insurance status, there are a large number of barriers effecting the willingness and likelihood of many families to seek regular traditional dental care for their children. From language, transportation, time money and even prioritizing a child’s oral health care, the number of barriers to traditional care is unfortunately overwhelming to many families, often leaving the children to suffer from a preventable disease.

Grinovations has developed a model of providing preventive dental services that overcomes many/most of the barriers faced by these children. Facts show that school based preventive dental services dramatically increase the number of children receiving preventive oral health care, regardless of insurance status.