About Us

Grinovations was founded in 2002 by Kerry Warden, a registered dental hygienist.  Witnessing firsthand many children in her community that were unable to participate in “traditional” dental care, Kerry helped initiate legislation in Washington State allowing dental hygienists to provide preventive oral health services in schools.

Based on the assumption that low cost dental services conveniently provided in the school setting would allow many children previously unable to receive preventive dental care to participate, Kerry moved forward with several pilot schools.  In just a short time, Kerry realized that her assumptions were correct and Grinovations started making a tremendous difference in not only many young lives but also the schools they worked with.

Bob Howard, also a registered dental hygienist, took ownership of Grinovations in 2005. With his continuing mission of bringing low cost, conveniently delivered preventive oral health services to all children in need, Grinovations can proudly say that no child requesting services has ever been turned away.

Grinovations continues to grow to meet the demands of an ever-increasing population. Last year  (the 2009/2010 school year) Grinovations provided services for almost 10,000 children in close to 100 schools.