Preventative Dental Health Services in Your School

Our Mission is to eliminate dental disease in Washington State schools by utilizing evidence-based prevention and in removing obstacles between children and oral health care.

Dental disease is the single most common chronic childhood disease — five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever. It is so widespread and the health effects so significant that the U.S. Surgeon General has classified dental disease as a silent epidemic. Virtually all dental disease in children is preventable!

Working together with Washington State schools, Grinovations is making a tremendous difference, both in the schools themselves and in the lives of many children.
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Benefits for your school

  • Increased attendance
  • Increased overall student concentration and focus
  • Higher testing scores
  • Better social relationships amongst students
  • Increased student success rates
  • Healthier and happier students
  • Grateful and happy parents
  • Less school admin and nurse time spent dealing with dental problems

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Meet the Grinovations Team

Bob HowardBob Howard


Graduated and licensed in 1998 as a Registered Dental Hygienist, Bob has been a staunch advocate for children and their battle against oral health disparities. Bob's belief is "Regardless of circumstance, every child should have access to oral health care."

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From Parents, Teachers & Nurses

Not only does Grinovations provide the absolute best in preventive dental care, but they’ve also developed a means of seamlessly integrating these services in to our schools. A fantastic program allowing every child, regardless of situation, the opportunity to receive the care proven to prevent oral health disease.

— Larry Burnett, DDS